Gaby Smith Harwish von Stylert

Ich hatte kürzlich eine VÖ in dem neuen In-Magazin Stylert unter Hier erzähle ich über meine Leben und meine Tätigkeit als Fotograf.

Christiaan Jongebloed is a former fashion model; now having a career as a professionalphotographer.

Christiaan was born and raised in Cologne, Germany. He moved to Berlin and started his modeling career in 1991. After being in the front of the camera for 20 years, Christiaan developed a wealth of experience of how to take unique and intimate photos as both a fashion and commercial photographer. His technical skills in photography were further developed while in training with the well known photographer Britta Klapczynski from Berlin.

Christiaan puts all his passion, imagination and style into capturing special moments and movements of people’s lives. By expertly using merged digital and analogous photography techniques, Christiaan captures the prefect mood of the subject. His photographic specialties are in fashion, lifestyle and portraits. Christiaan‘s photographs are natural and emotional, each photo transmits a real story of his personal life.